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Wholesale packaging finished! July 9, 2009

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First I ran out of boxes. Then my printer died. Finally I am done packaging my soaps in their wholesale duds – I’m sending them out to my brother-in-law in Bar Harbor, Maine. 🙂Soaps in their wholesale packaging

I have spent a lot of time thinking and mulling over the packaging. I did not want to use plastic or cell wrap – part of my business ethic is using the least packaging possible.

At shows I use cigar band style labels but I figure since they’ll be more likely to travel since their are being purchased at a vacation hotspot I wanted their packaging to offer them more protection yet allow a customer to see the soap (nifty cutout) and smell it.

I’m pretty happy with this packaging. Whew!


Going Organic (Even more!) July 6, 2009

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I’d upgraded to organic extra virgin olive oil and organic palm kernel oil recently. Well, my newest order included ALL organic oils which I am pretty excited about.

This does increase the cost of my ingredients and I’ll be contemplating pricing. Which just about every crafter I know hates to do! But, the fact that I haven’t switched to using filler oils  – lets face it, I tried rice bran oil as a swap or sub for the olive oil a couple years ago and it just didn’t fit the bill. It wasn’t as good and I don’t care that it was cheap as all get out.

What I really am excited about – is the idea that my purchasing organic oils supports organic practices. It’s an exciting idea that you can literally go from supporting pesticides and some unsavory land use practices…to not! I’m still not 100% organic – who can afford the organic essential oils? But this is a HUGE, wonderful, green step.

I love you, Earth!


New Pics… June 21, 2009

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Finally happy with my background and lighting!

Finally happy with my background and lighting!

I’ve tried dark backgrounds…dramatic but too dark. White backgrounds….good detail but too generic. Really liking these newest shots!


First Treasury June 20, 2009

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I just got listed in my first Treasury ( by That70sShoppe. How fantastic is that?


Whoa…I have an idea! June 14, 2009

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Cold process soap making is wonderful but it can be a challenging medium to work with when it comes to design. (But I think that is something I like about it…the challenge.) I’m going to be playing around with my pastry tips and see what I can make for shapes to embed in the soap. I love to swirl but am looking forward to experimenting with textures and “studding” the soap with soap frosting creations.


Dreamtime Harvest now on Twitter… June 11, 2009

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Come follow me!


I had to make more than one… June 9, 2009

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I have been having some fun making embroidered felt flowers. (I’m designing them so they can be worn as a bracelet/choker/hairpin/brooch.) The first one…was a flop. But I learned a lot and have made about five. I had to keep making them because they are so awesome that I had to list a couple in my Etsy shop but wanted to have some for myself!! I’m really excited that I was able to pick something up and feel successful – not always the case with many of my attempts.

The only bad thing? I think I’m going to need bifocals a lot earlier than I ever thought….threading the needle was a pain since my needle threader tool broke. Bummer.